Are Your Eyes Having Fun?

August 27, 2015

How you feel about something has an effect on how well you see it!


Dream: Getting It Right

August 24, 2015

I’m sitting in a wooden church pew as the choir walks up the aisle singing, with surprisingly little enthusiasm. The choir members are not in robes, just shuffling along in their everyday clothes, going through the motions with a minimum of effort. I worry about an elderly frail woman with osteoporosis posture — she looks like a mild wind could topple her. Does she wear that pale blue housedress every day? She seems depressed and withdrawn to me, barely alive.

The choir is singing (mumbling!) something I can’t quite make out, clapping half-heartedly at intervals. We in the congregation are encouraged to clap along, yet I can’t seem to detect any definite beat. The choir ends a stanza of their song with “….this cross!” and a triumphant upswell. Since most of the congregation gives a clap then, I do too. I turn to my neighbor to the left and whisper “Whew!”, pretending great relief, while grinning. I clapped at the right time!


As I wake up I note the lack of reverence and of joy in this place. I wonder if there’s some message here about the appearance of worship, as opposed to the true feeling of being connected to God and others. I’m also struck by the apparent celebration surrounding “cross”, which represents torture and suffering and death to me. Are we focusing too much on pain and not enough on joy?

I notice it’s important to me to clap at the right time here, to do what I’m supposed to, but again I have no feeling for the deeper purpose of what I’m doing. I had minimal religious training as a child, but did go to Sunday School, where I received a framed picture of Jesus as a prize for being the best at memorizing the prayers! This deeply troubled me, so much so that I “accidentally” broke it. I knew even then that just because I had a great memory, it didn’t mean I was holy, or even a good person!

So my take-away message from this dream is to remember what’s really important, and not let myself get distracted by trappings, or rituals which have lost their meaning. I hope you’re focusing on the essence in your experiences too, that deep connection with others, the pleasure of being alive, the beauty of Nature. I can feel a bond with All That Is by looking into a flower, or at a sunset. I don’t need a church for that.

My Myopia, Or My Mother’s?

August 20, 2015

Are you seeing through someone else’s eyes and habits, or your own?


The Benefits Of Blinking

August 18, 2015

The healthy eye blinks every few seconds, more in a windy or dry environment. Are you giving your eyes the restful blinks they need?


I’ve Tried Everythig!

August 16, 2015

The attitude with which you do something can be as important as what you’re doing. What is your attitude about improving your vision?


Mid-August 2015 Newsletter

August 15, 2015

My latest newsletter, with some tips for the classic vision exercise of palming, and an article on EFT helping a woman let go of a fearful child habit. Enjoy!


Dream: They’re Spying On Us!

August 12, 2015

I’m outdoors standing on a dirt road in a mountain environment, surrounded by tall straight trees and steep slopes. A few other people are with me, our leader a lean rancher guy who looks like he’d be comfortable in a rodeo, a Chuck Norris type of character. We’re discussing how to better protect the land, as this feels like logging country. The leader guy says “It’s become much more difficult with the Powers That Be overhearing everything we say”.

Suddenly 2 golden round metal balls whiz through the air past us, like a pair of rushing busy creatures with no time to waste. They each remind me of the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter movie. As they fly past, we’re shocked to hear one emit the electronic voice of our leader, saying “It’s become much more difficult….”. They were recording us! I get a sinking feeling that we’ll all be put on some kind of government watch list now.


I wake up and immediately wonder where in my life I have to be careful of what I say, where I might be afraid “Big Brother is watching me”. In my 20s I was well aware I was different, worried I’d be arrested or put in a mental institution for disagreeing with the Authorities. I knew I was brighter than many older people and could see through their lies, but they had the power and I didn’t. I decided to fit in as best as I could and keep my head down. Might it be time now for me to speak up against injustice more loudly?

It amuses me that “snitch” is a slang word for tattletale, someone who shares what is meant to be private, which this device is doing in my dream. These dream puns delight me, word lover that I am. It encourages me that whatever our specific mission is here to help the land, someone responsible is in charge, and we have each other for support. I’m taking this to mean that with the tasks I tackle, however difficult and contrary to mainstream thinking, I will find the support I need.

When I was very young I was punished for disagreeing. I am starting to see that people want to hear what I have to say now, though this dream clearly tells me I still have some fear about speaking out. So I’ll start working on that. As always, I’m grateful for this dream wisdom, and the wider perspective it gives.

Tropical Vision

August 8, 2015

Seeing with startling clarity in the tropics — can I bring that home with me?

August 2015 Newsletter

August 3, 2015

My latest newsletter, with an article on dream themes, and one on vision and how it may be affected by rushing. Enjoy!


What Tempts You To Look?

July 22, 2015

Your visual system wants to feed you with joy and beauty. Are you allowing it in?



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