July 2015 Newsletter

July 1, 2015

My latest newsletter, with an article on memory and vision, and one on discovering a dream ally. Enjoy!



Dream: One-Eyed Dog

June 18, 2015

I look out the window to see a downward sloping lush green lawn, with a small wheat–colored terrier walking up the rise toward me. His hair is mussed and tangled but not matted or dirty, hanging over his eyes. He has alert pointy ears sticking up from under the mop of hair. Somehow I’m now out on the lawn myself in front of him. I crouch down to get a closer look and connect with him better. He’s standing there quietly looking back at me, and I realize with surprise his left eye is missing, just a cross-stitch of black thread like a doll with a shoe-button eye which fell off.


I reach my arms toward him, one hand on each side of his head. I hold my hands still, and start crying looking at him — how awful not to have 2 eyes! He doesn’t seem sad, just accepting. My hands suddenly start moving back and forth on their own, slowly like paddles, or oars rowing a boat. A multicolored guinea pig, his short fur a pretty design of black and rusty brown and white splotches, comes up the hill behind the dog, curious to see what’s happening.

I wake up, recognizing the lawn as belonging to a house my mother bought after I grew up and moved out. I have never owned a dog and this dog is not familiar to me. The missing eye makes me think of vision challenges, and perhaps is a message to me that the dog is so content with his condition, which others might see as handicapped.

I just remembered a session with a healer several months ago, where she led us on a meditation to find a guide to help us with a personal challenge. I “saw” a shadowy woodsman in animal skins, whose dog came up and licked my hand. The healer said the dog was my guide, and my message was Unconditional Love. A dog is a perfect example of this trait, and unconditional love can heal anything.

The automatic movement of my hands reminds me of the healing my energy medicine teacher Deborah King does, when she says a Guide is working through her, that “My hands don’t usually move like this”. It also reminds me of a dream years ago in which a little girl brought her broken doll to me to fix, its jewel-like purple eye dangling out of the socket. She had utter faith I would know what to do.

So perhaps this is some kind of a healing dream, not necessarily that I am healing the dog, but that his calm attitude and love may be healing me! And I’ve learned from Deborah that whenever we do healing work for someone else, the universal healing energy comes through the healer on its way to the client, so both are healed in the exchange. We’re all connected.

The Sun Is Good For Your Vision!

June 17, 2015

Humans have vision because of the sun. Why not appreciate it instead of avoiding it?



Mid-June 2015 Newsletter

June 15, 2015

Today’s newsletter, with an article on being aware of your peripheral vision. Enjoy!



In Praise of Palming

June 1, 2015

A deceptively simple vision practice which is like meditation for the eyes.



June 2015 Newsletter

June 1, 2015

Learning to enjoy gazing into the distance, and why EFT may work so well. Enjoy!



Dream: Walk Your Time

May 31, 2015

I’m approaching the eating area after a workshop or seminar. I wish the others would hurry up because I’m hungry. As I go to sit down a few tables from the center where the top teachers and leaders will be, a promoter guy beckons me over. I’m surprised, but sit down at the bigwig table. He’s a chatty annoying guy, tolerated by the famous folks but seeming to have little to contribute himself.

People are finally starting to arrive, talking casually with each other. I recognize some famous teachers and am a bit star-struck. Is that Jimi Hendrix sitting in front of me, his back to me like we’re in the same row of desks in school? I whisper to my friend about him, and he reaches his left arm back and over his head to give me a High Five! Then I spot another male head with a gray buzz-cut, and say to my friend, “That’s the Mighty Quinn!’.


A nervous young woman gets up to sing in a quavering voice, performing the ballad “Walk Your Time”. As students, each of us has to do this, with words that we composed about our own life experience, to give guidance to others about making the most of their gifts and talents and time here. The ballad always ends with the line “As you walk your Time” or “Before you walk your Time”, with “Time” meaning time on earth, or life-time. It’s a big meaning, like living your true purpose, or fulfilling your destiny.

I feel sorry for the nervous young woman, as whatever message she has is getting lost in her poor presentation. I don’t have a melodic voice myself, but I have good lungs, and vow to sing clearly and to project, keeping my breath full and low in my chest. Jimi reaches back to give me another High Five of encouragement, and my heart leaps with a little thrill of being supported.

I wake up very grateful for this dream, of associating with top teachers and performers. I think of Jimi Hendrix from my generation whose stunning talent and shining career potential was cut short. I think of an upcoming big presentation I’ll have to make in a few months to a revered teacher about my work, and that yes, I’m concerned about it. Maybe I can channel Jimi to help me, and I’ll rock it!

Remember Clear Sight?

May 27, 2015

If you could see clearly once, remember what it felt like, and see more clearly now.



Dream: Weak Gunman

May 19, 2015

I’m on foot approaching a grassy lawn a few miles away from my house,¬†drawn by the lush green. This is a neighborhood where I used to go running regularly. As I’m right at the edge of the property, a man comes toward me firing a gun! Alarmed, I turn my head over my shoulder to yell to my sister a block behind me to watch out.

The gunman seems physically weak and unsteady on his feet as I walk purposefully toward him. He continues to fire the gun, which is ejecting a bullet every few seconds, though it barely makes it out of the gun before falling to the ground. The gun is weak too. Suddenly he staggers and falls backward, yet keeps firing the ineffective gun as he leans up from his prone position. He reminds me of a gunfighter in an old western movie, badly wounded but still fighting to the end.


I bend down to him, turning the gun barrel away with my forearm so it points toward the ground. I seem bigger than he is now. I don’t want to hurt him, just to stop his dangerous behavior. I think of my sister and am glad she’s far enough away to be safe.

I wake up curious and reasonably calm, proud of how I handled the situation. I had a strong spike of fear when I first saw the gunman, but something told me he was really no threat and I could handle this. I note he fell down of his own accord, already weakened. Or perhaps he’d wounded¬† himself, “shot himself in the foot”, so to speak.

I wonder if this dream is a warning of some imminent situation which seems frightening but is really not a problem. I wonder about the involvement of my sister — is the perceived danger threatening her too? I like the decisive way I turned the gun away from myself, which felt like disciplining a child who doesn’t know that what he is doing could hurt others. I like my protective feeling toward my sister, that I am not only concerned about myself.

So for you, is there something which appears to be a serious problem which is just an adventure? You can handle it, whatever it is!

Peripheral Awareness

May 17, 2015

What might you be missing by ignoring your peripheral vision?




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