Unplanned Vision Practice

This morning was cloudy with hazy sun, getting slightly brighter and slightly dimmer every few minutes as the clouds moved across the sky. I looked out my open screened front window, surprised at the relative clarity, reminding myself I only had to see one small point at a time. A large pile of what looked like white laundry sat on the lawn across the street, maybe 60 or 70 feet from my window. Was it pillows? White garbage bags? I continued to scan, appreciating the richness of the colors in the dim light, the vivid green grass on my lawn, the black asphalt of my driveway leading up to the gray road, the brown shingles on the house over there. I thought I saw some specks of red in the pile of white clumps. Was that blood, or tomato sauce?! (Yes, my imagination started creating a wild story…)

A woman came out of the house (something new to look at!), wearing a bright red vest hanging open, a black skirt, and a white blouse, really nice contrasting colors. The cones in my eyes which see color and clarity are working well! I was slightly annoyed that the white bag she was carrying was a double image for me, making me think my vision wasn’t as good as I hoped. I kept scanning and shifting, and realized she was carrying a half-full white garbage bag in each hand — there were 2 of them! Each bag had a red tie closure looped around her hand, and when she dropped the bags one at a time into the pile on her lawn I knew what those red specks were.

As she used her key to open the trunk of her car and started loading the bags in to take to the dumpster, I continued to watch this live movie, appreciating again her red and black and white outfit because it made her so easy to see. This little incident reminded me once again that while scheduled vision practice like time with the eye chart is extremely valuable, I can practice anywhere, at any time, no matter what is or isn’t in front of my eyes at the moment. There is always something new and interesting to see, if I just give it my attention and look.


4 thoughts on “Unplanned Vision Practice

  1. Hi Nancy, sometimes I get annoyed at seeing something double and then realizing it is… I guess we have to trust ourselves!

    1. Sorrisi,
      Hi. Yes, same lesson for me. Plus when this happens it tells me I am rushing to categorize instead of just accepting What Is and let it reveal itself naturally. Guess I still need a lot of practice! Take care, my friend.

  2. FMR,
    Hi — it’s never too late to start again! Like good eating or exercise habits, vision practices need to be maintained consistently, so get back on that wagon. I am well (thank for asking), brewing a post on grounding which continues to be a big issue for me. Take care and it’s good to hear from you.

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